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Three New Tauranac Maps Show Manhattan's Subways and Buses in Relation to Each Other and in Relation to The City's Streets

To show the complex relationships between Manhattan’s public transpotation system and the city it serves, mapmaker John Tauranac has created three individual maps – a subway map, a bus map, and a street map with places of interest. The maps are geographic, they are all to the same scale, and they all have the same grid coordinates for easy cross reference. Tauranac has mounted them back to back in three combinations.

True to Tauranac’s belief that a transportation map should be more didactic than merely indicating full-time v. part-time service, the service on his maps is time specific – a red number or letter indicates that the service only operates weekdays, blue indicates that the service only operates rush hours, and so on.

The subway map includes an index of stations that comes not only with the expected grid coordinates that tell you where to find stations on the map itself, the index also tells you the daytime service at each station. The bus map includes information on each route’s primary streets of operation, and – to make sense of destination signs – its terminals.

As a bonus, there are late-night bus and subway maps, since the difference in service between day and night is the difference between night and day. The places of interest on the street map include tourist attractions, museums, concert halls, colleges, and so on. Indices to streets and places of interest make things easy to find, and addresses at critical junctures provide a key to house numbering.

Folded, the maps measure 3.3 by 8.3 inches, a comfortable size for pocket, purse, tote or backpack. Unfolded – and accordion folds make folding and unfolding a snap – the maps measure 26.4 by 8.3 inches. The odds are that you probably won’t have to look at more than four panels at a time – say, from the Battery to 86th Street – to plan your trip.

The maps are printed on heavy stock and are lightly laminated.

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